Mayumi Shinkawa

Co-teacher: Anna/Niall
Hi, I am Mayumi Shinkawa.  I have been teaching English at senior high school in Japan.  Our students(17 ,18 years old )  are now learning about gender equality in SDGs.  We are planning to start a new project based learning lesson from September about the climate exchange. OUr students are really  looking forward to working with overseas students on the topic. 

School: Himeji Shikisai Senior High School 40 students are involved The average age of the students: 17,18 Year

Projects 2021

Week 1 18025

This is our first time to join Climate Action Project and our students are studying for entrance examinations to universities, so I was a bit worried about students involvement and attitudes toward this project.  However, they are really enjoying doing the project. 

We devide the class into 10 groups and each group created a video about causes of cliamte change and personal conncetion to climate change. 

I'll be happy If I could get your feedback! 


Effects in flora, fauna, weather patterns, and human activity and lifestyle.

Our students did research on effects in flora, fauna, weather patterns, and human activity and lifestyle. 

Each group made a presentation slide.