Marija Radicevic

Hi, I am Marija Radicevic,I came from Serbia. I gradueted from Faculty of Philosophy in Nis and my occupation is master pedagogue. I am currently working in kindergarten in Kragujevac,with children of varios ages and abilities. My works is based on practical methods,which have an educational character. Values such as environmental awerness and environmental behavior are an integral part of my work with children.


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School: PU "Vini Pu" 27 students are involved The average age of the students: 6 and 7 years Year

Projects 2021

Happy and Sad Earth-climate changes

Every group of students gets aplication of sad and happy Earth. After discussion they get a task of drawing causes of Earth feelings, and then we make Panel which describes the causes of climate changes.

Clean and Polluted water

In collaboration with children, we did an experiment with clean and polluted water. And in obvious way find out what the effects of polluted water are.

Labels on the packaging

We researched the labels on the packaging that have a negative impact on the environment. During the research, we discovered interesting facts about plastics, recycling and gas, which has an increasingly negative impact on the environment and climate.


Plant a tress

Our mission was to clean air. Than we make a decusion to plant a Chrismas trees.

Maka our own guid about eco labels on packagibg

Our work was based on creation of guides for the study of labels on packaging that indicate the ecological value of packaging and the possibility of recycling and the negative effect on the climate.


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