Rabeea Maqsood


Biotechnologist and teacher

School: Beaconhouse Newlands Lahore

Our Projects

Introduction to Climate Change (III)

Once studnets had discussed the existing and potential factors cauing climate change, they brodened their imagination by representing one of factors and their implications through role play.

Introduction to Climate Change (II)

As an assessment of The Yarn-Ball activity, students were asked to share what they had learnt.  (Formal assessment)

Introduction to Climate change (I)

Grade 6 students at Beacohouse  Newlands went on the Climate Change investigation journey, Thorugh out the first week, they explored the factors affecting the climate change in a collaborative manner. In this activity, students were given a term (factor causing climate change) and asked to brainstorm as to how it causes climate change and its connection with other factors.

Introduction to Climate change (IV)

After studnets had learnt about different factors affecting climate changed, they brainstormed in their groups and came up with their role-play scanarios. For more, watch the video!

Causes and Effects of Climate Change (I)

Grade 6 studnets at Beaconhouse Newlands unfolded the causes of Climate change in the 2nd week of project. A simulation was shown to students from NASA showing how carbon dioxide emission has increased over the years. Students used that as a stimulus and brainstormed on the causes of carbon dioxide emission.  Later on, students in groups caluculated their Carbon Foorprint online. They used a variety of digital tools to barinstorm, share and evaluate their work.  For more, visit: https://padlet.com/rabeea_maqsood1/awonryb6lsip

Causes and Effects of Climate Change (II)

After discussing the current and potential effects of climate change, students applied their undertstanding about Carbon Footprint to share its impact on climate change. In this activity,  a group of students present that how small actions can play a big role in reducing Carbon Footprint.

Causes and Effects of Climate Change (III)

As a foundation to the next week's ' Action on Climate Change',  a group of students made few slogans incorporating the causes and effects of Climate Change.  Based on this, students will understand the impact of Action on climate change in the 3rd week of project.


Week three: field trip to Landfill Site
Week 4: Skype session with India
Week 4: Skype session with India