Manisha Rana

Grade Level Coordinator| Genesis Global School Sector 132, Noida | Mar 2012– Present Assisting in scheduling and monitoring collaborative meetings of grade level teams and other team configurations. Providing guidance and support to staff to implement the Primary Years Programme (PYP), including developing a programme of inquiry, using the PYP guidelines and using a diverse set of learning and assessment strategies. Managing the process of curriculum review and development. Reviewi


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School: Genesis Global School 18 students are involved

Projects 2020

Clmate Action Week 1


Genesis Global School, Noida, India

Learner inquired into and came up with their understanding of climate change.

Genesis Global School, Noida, India

Students inquired into the causes of climate change on other countries

They inquired the effect of cloimate change on 



Human Activity.

Genesis Global School


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