Manato Yamashita

Manato Yamashita

Co-teacher: Richard Ingram
I am a science teacher at a school in the north of Buckinghamshire. Our school is a Japanese school and I teach  Japanese students. Last year, as a teacher in another school in Japan to joined in this meaningful event. I hope that this online event will be a great experience for our students.


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Teikyo School UK
School: Teikyo School UK 6 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-17 Year

Projects 2021

Teikyo School UK Week1: Causes Introduction

We started to action.

We started by finding out what was going on.

We have also produced a list of definitions of climate change.

Teikyo School UK Week2: Effects

We made a PowerPoint presentation of images of climate change happening in different parts of the world and put them on a world map.

We also discussed what is happening around us, put it all together and thought about what we could do to help.

Teikyo School UK Week3: Local to Global

Our students at Teikyo School UK took a step outside the school.
They created a story about climate change, made the KAMISHIBAI (storytelling)  and the video about it and interacted with students from other schools.
You can see what they made in their video here.

Teikyo School UK Week4: Solution

Teikyo School UK Week5: Inter-act!

Teikyo School UK Week6: Action!


Images by Manato Yamashita 2021-10-12Yamashita
Images by Manato Yamashita 2021-10-12Yamashita
Images by Manato Yamashita 2021-10-26Yamashita