Manato Yamashita

Manato Yamashita

Co-teacher: Richard Ingram
I am a science teacher at a school in the north of Buckinghamshire. Our school is a Japanese school and I teach  Japanese students. Last year, as a teacher in another school in Japan to joined in this meaningful event. I hope that this online event will be a great experience for our students.


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Teikyo School UK
School: Teikyo School UK 6 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-17 Year

Projects 2021

Teikyo School UK Week1: Preparation and learning

We started to action.

We started by finding out what was going on.

We have also produced a list of definitions of climate change.

Teikyo School UK Week2: Global Map of Climate Change Effects

We made a PowerPoint presentation of images of climate change happening in different parts of the world and put them on a world map.

We also discussed what is happening around us, put it all together and thought about what we could do to help.


Images by Manato Yamashita 2021-10-12Yamashita
Images by Manato Yamashita 2021-10-12Yamashita