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Co-teacher: Ömer KAYAR
Hello, my name is Müjgan ,an English teacher working in Ankara,  the Capital City of Turkey.I am crazy about learning and teaching...


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A new school with so many eager and enthusiastic students...
School: Kecioren Social Sciences High school 10 students are involved The average age of the students: 15,16 Year

Projects 2020

Change yourself, not the climate...

We as humans mustn't disturb nature and be respectful to it. We always try to change and destroy it.Do you go someone else's home and put your rubbish in the middle of his room.No!!!Dont go nature and put you rubbish its home..Unfortunately ,we are very rude to it though it is really kind and generous to us..

Global Warming Effects

 Global warming is going to  effect the  whole world!

We had 2 ZOOM meetings with Mersin Kocahasanlı Anatolian High School /Turkey students and talked about Global Effects of Climate CHANGE...

We talked about our schools, our cities, our countries,and global effects of Climate CHANGE...We wished each other good luck to stop Climate change..


As humans, We are both the reasons and solutions for the climate change...

We can stop this change TOGETHER !

VIRTUAL INTERACTIONS with and Mersin Kocahasanlı Anatolian High School /Turkey students and talked about Solutions for Climate CHANGE on 28th OCTOBER, 2020 AND CLIMATE ACTION DAY FREE WEBINAR ON 6th NOVEMBER,2020


We tried to enlighten our students about Climate change and its effects via BROCHURES.. 


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