Loukia Lazaridou - Cyprus

Loukia Lazaridou

I am a teacher of Art in a secondary school in Cyprus.  I am also the coordinator of Erasmus+ projects about Climate changes.


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Gymnasium Aradippou - Cyprus
School: Gymnasium Aradippou 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 13-15 Year

Projects 2020

Why the climate change?

Children sudying the global atlas try to find the causes of climate change! 

A Game of People and Climate

NEW SHORES ia an online multiplayer game!!!

Plastic Waste

Reducing plastic waste helps create a future without plastics!!


Images by Loukia Lazaridou 2020-10-02Lazaridou
Images by Loukia Lazaridou 2020-10-15Lazaridou