Linette Bakovasili

Trikala, Kalabaka

I'm an English teacher for EFLĀ students at a private English school. I want to get my students involved in the climate action project to raise their awareness on the issue and help them become more responsible and mature adults in order to be global citizens in the future.

Evita Mangiou

School: Zioga Xanthi- Mangiou Evita


Students brainstormed ideas on the topic, researched for more info on the Internet and watched some videos. Then, they created a power point presentation which is shown in the 1st week's video.

Projects 2018

The Climate Action Project- week 1

Our students created a power point presentation, which ,then, was presented on the video we made explaining what climate change is and its causes.

The Climate Action Project- week 2

During week 2 of the project, students focused on the effects of climate change both on a global and on a local level. They present their findings on a video explaining which the effects of global warming are globally and locallly.

Week 3

During week 3 of the project, students brainstrormed some ideas on the possible solutions and ways to help the environment and stop climate change. Then, they did research on the Internet to find more about the issue. Working in groups, they created a power point and a sway presentation to show their findings.

During week 4, we had a skype session with Mrs Valentina Matei and her students. They presented the Raspberry Pi device they created, while we showed them our findings on the causes and effects of climate change.