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School: Public Institution Theoretical Lyceum Onisifor Ghibu 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-12 Year

Projects 2020

Week 1. Introduction of Climate Change Revolution

The video has been made while introducing the project and discussion of the tasks set. The students had to identify what has been polluting our neighborhood. 

URL to Video on OneDrive

Week 2

During this week, the students have discussed the process of how trees can benefit the climate change. We have planted 4 trees. A linden, a maple tree, a lilac and a willow. Amazing time spent with extraordinary students. We collaborated with parents and students from higher grades. 

Collaboration with amazing students from India!

Week three has been the most captivating. Children have got acquainted with children and not only identified the solutions of changing for the betterment of our planet, but also for the opportunity to introduce themselves and ask questions about culture and traditions. A stunning experience! 

Spreading the word!

This well we have spread the word about climate awareness and we collaborated with local media and we managed to have an article published. Climate Action Article in Republic of Moldova


Images by Kristina Cernei 2020-10-16 Cernei
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Images by Kristina Cernei 2020-10-06 Cernei
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