Amy Bivin


I am American and I currently teach 2nd and 3rd grade English, Geography, Science and Technology in an international bilingual school in Rome, Italy. I have been teaching since 1991 around the world (North America, South America Asia, and Europe). I am a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, trained in Teaching SDGs. I feel strongly about bringing the world into the classroom and taking my students around the globe!

I am passionate about engaging my students by connecting them with real world experiences. I love trying new ideas to keep them interested and excited and I believe student-centered, project-based activities are the most productive.  

I try to create global citizens who are sensitive to world issues. I also try to teach students to think for themselves and problem-solve so they can develop leadership skills and collaborate effectively in order to experience success in the classroom, but more importantly in life.


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School: Istituto Marymount

Our Projects

Save the Earth Together

My third grade class has been studying Global Warming and its effects on our planet. During week 1 (and week 2) we began reading the Magic School Bus Climate Challenge book.  We also watched National Geographic and WWF videos and then researched what is happening. The students divided into groups and worked together to prepare props and a presentation. The groups were: Pollution, Extreme Weather, Ice Caps Melting, Oceans Rising, Deforestation and Endangered Animals. They had so much fun learning and are determined to take action. Their first step was to stop using plastic water bottles (a big problem in Italy) in our classroom. Next week we have invited the Director General for Sustainable Development, Climate and Energy of the Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory and Sea- Italy.

Save the Earth Together: What is happening in Italy?

This week Marymount 3B students investigated “What is happening locally due to Climate Change?” What are the biggest causes and effects in our community? They invited the Director for Sustainable Development at the Italian Ministry of the Environment to our school and conducted an “interview”.

They discovered that water is the biggest problem Italy has in the climate challenge. 

There are no ice caps but the snow is melting on the mountains. This water goes into the rivers and then the sea. This changes the ocean currents and also changes the level of salt in the sea. This makes it difficult to find fresh sources of drinking water. Also Italy is a peninsula so there is much coastline. There is much erosion on the coast. Also land under the water moves and the ocean levels also rise. Venice is at risk of sinking.

Another big problem is the weather. 

There are long periods without rain. In the south of Italy this causes droughts and then fires. In other places there are hard rainfalls. This causes flooding. 

Save The Earth Together: What Can We Do?

This week we focused on how we can make a difference. The students already decided to stop using one-use plastic bottles. They want to take it one step further and try to convince other students in the school to do the same. 

We also decided to begin a project to investigate ways to make our school greener and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Save the Earth Together: I Am the Change

Our final week we focused on how we can make a difference by taking action.  We skyped several classes around the world: Israel, India, and Romania.They exchanged ideas with each other and learned so much. The students then wrote a song and made up dance moves to create a video for Global Climate Day. 

We will continue the project and carry out an investigation on how to make our school greener and reduce our carbon footprint. 


Researching info for Climate Change presentation
Save the Earth Together: What is happening in Italy?
Save The Earth Together-What Can We Do?