Kawthar Hakim Ayadi


I am Kawthar Hakim Ayadi a teacher of computer science in the school Habib Bourguiba Sfax.
My students are 11 to 15 years old; I really like my profession, I always try to work in collaboration with different partners around the world

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School: Habib Bourguiba Sfax - Tunisia

Our Projects

Climate action effects


On the occasion of the Europe code week event, my students chose to code with scratch software to show the effects of climate action. They showed the last effects of the rain on the region of Nabeul.

Solutions for climate action


My students have looked for solutions; some have a word on microsoft word with formatting and insertion of images; and others have completed the creation of the poster already begun in the last weeks to present the solutions of the climatic changes.

Climate Action

We communicate by skype with paterns to talk about climate action.