Katiana Kyriacou

Nicosia district

I am a Biology/Science teacher for the last 15 years, and the last 3 i am also participating in our school's STEM program. At the same time my passion is the environment and creating awareness among my students about environmental issues, is always one of my priorities, Our school has been awarded with the green flag from the international program ECO-SCHOOLS, and i have been a member of the eco-school committee for the last 4 years. I have participated in international programs and projects many times, and i am really excited to be part of this years "Climate change".
I strongly believe that the way to find solutions for any environmental issue, is to involve the young generation. They are a lot more creative than adults, and also changing their attitudes will have long term positive effects on our planet!

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Helen Savvidou

School: The Grammar school Nicosia

Our Projects

What is climate change

The video was created by 5 groups of students, and then put together. It includes animations, power points. At the end the students took pictures of them forming the letters "climate change" with their bodies. The music and song was synthesised by students.

Effects of climate change

Students , research  the effects both globally and internationaly.


What is climate change