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I'm a STEM teacher, who loves to open my classroom to the world. I teach math, Biology, Chemistry, ICT and believe in the power of collaboration.

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School: PMS der PH Wien


Weather or climate?
What is climate change?
Let`s act!
What did you find out?

Projects 2017

Weather or climate?

During our first wek we tried to figure out a definition - what does climate mean and how do we survey changes in climate.
The students did a lot of brainstorming and they tried to put up a multi-lingual dictionary concerning weather. They used their smartphones and other devices (they actually brought them from home!)
The short video clips were created and filmed by themselves, because they were working in small self-formed groups.

What is climate change?

Our students tried to find a description what`s climate and what`s climate change. We created a newsroom where we discussed a lot about different points of view regarding climate change. There has be a political debate going on.
Then they talked about their point of view and found out, that they should ask a lot of people to get into action, too.
So they created this rap together. It has been very hard for them to find rhymes in English (they are learning English for 3 years now.)

Let`s act!

How can we act? Is there already a plan? Can we find a solution?

What did you find out?

First we travelled to Egypt, where we were surorised about desertification and the rise of sea-level.
Next trip took us to India. We could just see more than 100 students, but in this moment the Wifi broke....
Third trip was to Macedonia and we listened to their stories. As the Wifi failed again, we worked via chat. What a nice trip!
When we entered Portugal, we had a very nice time together. We even played Kahoot!