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Jelena Ilić

Co-teacher: Mirjana Mišić
Hi, I'm a teacher at primary school "Milan Mijalković",Jagodina. My students are in the third grade. My co-worker is teacher Mirjana Mišić. She is teaching a first grade.


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School: OŠ "Milan Mijalković" Jagodina 51 students are involved The average age of the students: 7-9 years old Year

Projects 2021

Week 1~ Causes

Class: first & third grade

Age: 7 & 9

Co-worker: Mirjana Mišić 

Subject: Science & Englis 

During the last week, students have learned about the landscape and climate of their country. They had an assignment to make landscape from recycled materials. Also, in Kahoot app quiz they had to answer some questions. For example:
-How would we know if the weather has changed?
- Can the climate change each day?
- How could we measure it the climate was changed?  etc.
By answering these questions, the students should have learned to notice the difference between climate and weather.
Also, at the end of week on the English class, they answered the same  questions that were in Kahoot quiz in Serbian language. But this time they were answering in English.




Masquerade 2021 ~ Маскенбал 2021


As part of the Climate Acton Project, the students of the elementary school "Milan Mijalkovic " were disguised in the Green Patrol at this year's masquerade. We decided to bring order to "our meadow" (in the school yard). As part of Children's Week, we also made greeting cards for children with special needs from recycled materials.

У оквиру пројекта Climate Acton Project, ученици ОШ" Милан Мијалковић" су на овогодишњем маскенбалу били маскирани у Зелену Патролу. Решили смо да заведемо ред на "нашој ливади"(у школском дворишту). Такође смо у оквиру Дечје недеље израђивали честитке за децу са посебним потребама од рециклираног материјала.

Видео конференција са другарима из Индије

Током 3. недеље пројекта ученици су разговарали са својим вршњацима о климатским променама у Индији и Србији. Размена искустава је била веома драгоцена и за једне и за друге. 

Planting a tree

In our school garden we planted a cherry tree as a class 


Images by Jelena Ilić 2021-10-10Ilić
Images by Jelena Ilić 2021-10-10Ilić
Images by Jelena Ilić 2021-10-17Ilić
Images by Jelena Ilić 2021-10-23Ilić
Images by Jelena Ilić 2021-10-23Ilić