Abeerah Jawed


I am a grade 6th ESL teacher at Beaconhouse Newlands,  who is passionate about student centred and hands on learning. I love to try various teaching methodologies in my classroom and love to share my learning with my peers. I believe my role is more of a facilitator and support rather than that of a didactic teacher.

Rabeea Maqsood

School: Beaconhouse Newlands Lahore

Our Projects

BN students collaborating and presenting research findings

Grade VI students practised different note making methods, conducted research and shared their research findings with the class.

Climate Action Project - Beaconhouse Newlands, Lahore Grade VI students investigating into the causes of Climate Change in Pakistan

Grade VI students dug deeper and studied the issue of climate change and global warming at a deeper level. They conducted research to learn about the various causes of climate change in Pakistan and its impact on Pakistani people. 

They watched a TED Talk by King of Bhutan in which he shared how Bhutan was able to become carbon neutral despite its size and scarce resources.

Students shared their findings in the form of presentations.

Week 3

Climate Action Project - Beaconhouse Newlands, Lahore Grade VI students visiting Lahore's first sanitary landfill site and waste management plant at Lakhoder Lahore

Students discovered waste management processes undertaken by Lahore Waste Management Company at the landfill sites. Students and presenters engaged in productive QandA sessions. Students gathered valuable information from the presenters.

Such a wonderful experience for our learners!

Sharing our learning with students from India! Skype session with Ms Poonam's students.

BN middle school students shared their learning in a skype session with students from India!
Students discussed different solutions to climate change and shared their learning experiences.
Thanks to Ms Poonam Dogra and her students!


3D models depicting human phenomena impacting climate change created by our talented students!