Jawaria Qayyum

Co-teacher: Erum
Jawaria Qayyum bhatta 1 BAHAWALPUR  PST Science Math  


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School: GGES BHATTA NO 1 BAHAWALPUR 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-12 Year

Projects 2021

Causes of Climate change

After this presentation our students will be able to describe the causes of Climate change

Presentation through the chart's poster's drawings and paintings vedio watching on YouTube

Effects of Climate change

Afrer this week students will be able to describe the effects of Climate change 

Students draw drawings and picture to elaborate the effects of Climate change

Students and teachers plant 100 new plants plantation activity in school premises

Causes and effects of Climate change

Students recall the concept of Climate change its causes and effects by watching vedios and research work of different schools .


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Images by Jawaria Qayyum 2021-10-12Qayyum
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