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School: Navrachana Higher Secondary School Sama 1250 students are involved The average age of the students: 7 to 12 years Year

Projects 2022

Causes of climate change

Navrachana Higher Secondary School began the Climate Action Project with a BANG, wherein our enthusiastic ECO Buddies explored the causes of climate change during the 1st week.

Handmade, as well as, digital posters on the Causes of Climate Change were uploaded on Wakelet.

Week 1 was made even more interesting with a KAHOOT Quiz on the Causes of Climate Change.

Navrachanites believe that little things always make a difference!

Local effects of climate change

As part of Week 2 of our Climate Action Project, a Microsoft Forms questionnaire was prepared and sent to the parents of students of Grades 1, 2 and 3.

The questions revolved around the changes observed by the older generation in their surroundings during their growing up years.

They were also asked to list the actions they had undertaken to counter these negative climate changes.


An overwhelming response was received and some very interesting and unique observations were shared by the parents and their relatives.

It was really heartening to see the passion Navrachanites have towards the environment.



Global causes and effects of climate change

Week 3 of Climate Action Project revolved around sensitizing the students towards the Effects of Climate Change.

The students were shown videos on the Global Effects of Climate Change and exit slips were filled by the students, wherein they reflected on the damaging effects of human activity on the Climate.

Students were encouraged to reflect on the disastrous repercussions on our planet due to our thoughtless actions.

Potential actionable solutions for climate change


Earth Buddies of Navrachana School, Sama exhibited their creativity and innovation while fostering their commitment towards Sustainable Development through the activity, Trash to Treasure! 

The session was led by  resource person, Mr. Vikas Chauhan, an Agronomist from Upaj Farms, who demonstrated how discarded plastic bottles and jerrycans can be converted to beautiful planters.

 Navrachanites showed immense talent and created some very pretty and beautiful planters out of plastic water-bottles, tyres, old shoes and even plastic jerry cans. Some of their planters had human faces, while some looked like their favourite animals! A spot in the school garden was chosen to be beautified through this venture. The skill  of finding sustainable solutions to the problem of mounting trash was thus taught to the earth buddies!

Building through interactions

The 6 week long Climate Action Project culminated with much ado.
Navrachana took the lead and collaborated with schools virtually from different parts of the world, on Microsoft Teams.

Children as well as teachers took part in the event wholeheartedly and shared their findings and innovations with other school delegates.
It was a wonderful learning experience for all of us!!

Climate Actions

THE Climate Action Project culminated with much ado.

A special assembly was held for classes 1 to 5, wherein the students pledged to preserve our mother Earth and prevent Climate Change at grassroot level.

Action was taken on a large scale by filling an electricity audit by our Foundation and Preparatory Stage student.

Tree Plantations were done by students in their respective societies.

Children also took  bicycling for shorter distances rather than driving by car or two-wheeler.


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Images by Jahnvi Shah 2022-11-10Shah
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