Isha Naruka

Co-teacher: Dipsmita Niyogi
I have around a decade of experience implementing instructional strategies that actively engage young children in meaningful learning experiences to develop their fullest potential. Areas of expertise include: creation of a stimulating and challenging learning environment through the effective use of different instructional techniques and instructional media working knowledge of a wide range of assessment strategies consistent with learning content and objectives successful differentia


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School: DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL,SECTOR 49,GURUGRAM 34 students are involved The average age of the students: 5-6years Year

Projects 2020

The Earth Headgear -Activity

We started the first week with full enthusiasm. Our focus was on creating awareness among students about climate change. They learnt the difference between weather and the climate and also learned about the causes of climate change through age-appropriate videos.

Activity taken by tiny tots :

They drew Earth picture, did the colouring and used it in making headgear for themselves. Students also took the pledge to protect our planet as part of this awareness initiative.


Nature is God’s most beautiful creation. It felicitates the growth, development and nourishment of all its creatures.
This week our children painted and decorated the earthen pots and planted saplings. As part of this activity, students have also participated in slogan speaking.

The main aim of this activity was to connect the students with the tools and process engaging with the mother earth and understand its importance in our life.
The students took an oath to look after the saplings they have planted and plant more saplings and encourage others to do the same.

Global collaboration

As a part of week three activity of climate action project, Upper kindergarten students from DAV Sector 49 collaborated with the students of “Ion Luca Caragiale National College from Ploiești, Prahova county, Romania” and “Colégio Positivo - Santa Maria Londrina, Paraná, Brazil”.

Students enjoyed and had great learning having an online collaboration session with the schools from different regions across the globe. It was indeed a great enriching session for all. It inculcated awareness about the effect of climate change across the globe and the efforts by the people in those regions.


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