Isaura Magalhães

Isaura Magalhães graduated in Modern Languages (English and German) from the University of Coimbra and has a master degree in Didactics of Languages. She has been a teacher trainer for several years both in secondary schools and in Porto Polytechnic – Escola Superior de Educação. She has worked in Porto Polytechnic (ISCAP) in the area of English Language and Culture for five years. She is a certified skilled trainer by the scientific and pedagogic committee of “Formação Contínua” in


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School: Escola Secundária da Maia 28 students are involved The average age of the students: 13-14 Year

Projects 2020

MaiActing, Portugal changing!

We are aware of the effects of climate change in our city and around it and we want to be active abou this.

Climate changes are real and it is our responsibility to change our lifestyle, and the lifestyle of people who live near us, and start thinking about real things we can do every day to change the course of things.

We want to present solutions to be done NOW, not tomorrow, because tomorrow it will be too late!

MaiActing, Portugal changing!

This week we decided to show you some of the effects of climate change on our country and around our city.

We have to make a serious effort to change these things as quickly as possible.


Images by Isaura Magalhães 2020-10-12Magalhães
Images by María Eugenia Jirón Granados 2020-10-12Jirón Granados