Ingrid Francini

Ao longo dos anos acumulei experiências como palestrante, principalmente na área de sustentabilidade e eventos. ​Nos últimos seis anos dei aula, como professora titular, para o 4º e 5º anos do Ensino Fundamental I, desenvolvendo diversos projetos.


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School: Colégio Soka do Brasil 76 students are involved The average age of the students: 9-10 Year

Projects 2020

Discussing the causes of climate change

To start the project, we talked about the difference between climate and weather. From there, I brought to our discussion some news about the consequences on climate change. Then, it was the students' turn to raise the causes of climate change.


We're still taking remote classes, because of Covid-19. But the students' participation was excellent.

Effects of climate change

This week, students from Colégio Soka do Brasil worked on a collective mural of the effects of climate change on fauna, flora, climate and lifestyle. We held discussion groups on the topic and each student interviewed family members to understand how people of different ages look at the issue.