Imen Taktak Marzouk


I'm an ICT teacher, eTwinning ambassador and the founder of the project "Every child is an artist" which combunes between Art & Culture to display our cultural Heritage. I'm prized for the national top three Innovative educators 2016 and 2017. I have awared for the best national eTwinning project 2016 named "Communication in our native language" and for the best national eTwinning project 2017 named "Mr bean family celebrating the International year of pulses 2016". I have animated many national eTwinning trainings and hosted many webinars, live events and tweetmeet to promote more the relevance of the softskills in our pedagogical teaching. I have participated also in the World Innovation Summitfor Education (WISE) in the workshop, Innovative teaching: Drafting a guideline of best practice. And this is my biography

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School: Nour Elmaaref prep school


Climate Change Causes : Brainstorming activity
Climate Change Effects: Creating Scratch projects
Taking Action

Projects 2018

Climate Change Causes

My students brainstorm through illustrative videos about the causes of our climate change.
They create a collaborative mindmap and put their thoughts under it.
Then They decide to produce outputs about Climate Change Causes.
They are divided in groups. Each group choos an appropriate tool to create his own productions (Scratch, Video, poster)

Climate Action : through code week

I have the idea to celebrate the codeweek by creating scratch projects about climate change effects. The projects are loading . My students are so proud of theirselves while writing their own code and thinking creativeley.

Taking Action

Scheduling a skype session with Indian Students the 5 November 2018 for 1hour. We have exchanged our experiences through sway presentations.
My sttudents present their scratch projects and explain their poster to the Indian students.