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English teacher. In my country we speak spanish, so my job is to teach at the students the English as a second language, and I always try to keep them motivate and involved in topics that can help our world! I have students since 3 years to 12

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Lucrecia Higueros

School: Colegio Centroamericano


5th grade and 6th grade / Meet the students
First week
Week #1 end
Causes and Effects in Guatemala
The Air we breathe!
We find a solution!
Solve the Effects
The Planting Day

Projects 2017

What is climate change? Introduction

In this first week my students are going to know about the project and then I am going to involve them in the first topic What is Climate change? giving to them some direction that they can start to participate saying what they think about it  with a brainstorm, them they are goin to research in groups and make some poster about what they found.
Some of them created a sway and presentation in power point so you will see all the work in the next links.


Causes and Effects in Guatemala

The Air we Breathe!

In this week my students are going to make awareness about a problem in our country POLLUTION!

They will be able to research the CAUSES AND EFFECTS in our country

Week #2

Dangerous Pollution

There is a lot of causes that affect our climate, here in Guatemala we suffer a lot with the differents types of pollution air, land, visual and water pollution affect us!  The big question is What we can do? 
In this week my students are going to find some solutions ... let´s see...

Solution! Plant a Tree Save The Planet

In this week my students find the great solution! Trees combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

They make a research and find this like the best solution now it´s time to take an action! 

Students Research

Plant a Tree and Save The Planet!

We plant trees around 300 to help our planet!  but we need more! It´s a solution yes but you can help the planet too!

The Planting day!!!

This is my final week and we took actions, we plant around 300 trees, and we hope to plant more in this months!

Where have all the sparrows gone?

My kids made a research about the sparrows in Guatemala and found this beautiful legend !

In Guatemala the legend says that sparrows are special birds that bring messages from our dead loved ones who are now in heaven and visit us through them bringing us joy in their song. That is why it is so special to see a sparrow here in Guatemala!

"Where have all the sparrows gone".