Hanan Rashed


I am an IT teacher from Jordan, i teach in a small village in the north of Jordan, i am interested in teaching SDGs to engage my students in real life actions, and to gain them problem solving skills, i am an eTwinniner, EDchatEU facilitator, TED volunteer translator. i have an experience in teaching for 19 years , l love my job a lot.

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School: Hakama Secondary School


Hakama Secondary School / Jordan

Projects 2018

Let's be the change against Climate Change

 The aim of our project to introduce the SDGs for the Students first then to focuse on Goal 13: Climate Action , the students will search the web and thier local area for the causes of climate change they must be able to define what is climate change means for the planet and for them self as individuals , they must collaborate with each other along the project faces, they must search what will happen if we do not take any action, and what is the aim of working in global space togather to achieve goal 13.

Causes Of Climate change - Jordan

Our Students digging hard and introduce the causes in a creative way

Solutions suggested by Hakama Secondary School Students