Guldana Kurmanali

I have been a chemistry teacher for 12 years. I participate in many conferences and competitions, I am very positive, the project for the protection of the Earth is very important to me. That's why I participate with my students! I am passionate about fostering creativity and higher order thinking in children. The out of the box thinking and natural curiosity of children never ceases to amaze me and I exactly love being a part of their journey of exploration. In my free time, I love to


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School: Nazarbaev Intellectual school 12 students are involved The average age of the students: 14-15 Year

Projects 2022

Clearning river with my car

How do you clean a river?

Don't throw any solid waste into the water streams as it clogs the flow of water thereby leading to pollution. Avoid releasing construction waste into the river. Use organic gardening techniques and avoid using pesticides and other herbicides. Avoid releasing harmful chemicals and oils into storm drains or rivers

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Climate change project

What is Climate Change? Climate change is a long-term change in the average weather patterns that have come to define Earth's local, regional and global climates. These changes have a broad range of observed effects that are synonymous with the term.

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My student Aruzhan and Nazerke together made agood car for clearing the river and small lake

My student Aruzhan and Nazerke together made agood car for clearing the river and small lake

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Climat change"s problems

Some of the most promising ways to mitigate climate change are what we call “natural climate solutions”: the conservation, restoration, and improved management of land, in order to increase carbon storage or avoid greenhouse-gas emissions in landscapes worldwide

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We love nature

Nature is great thing Everyone should be clean air, earth or climat

Trees and flowers

we plant some trees and flowers near the scools