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School: Aleksandar Georgiev-Kodzhakafaliyata Primary School 156 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-14 Year

Projects 2021

Вeek 1 weather and climate

The students held an online meeting with representatives of a specialized organization that monitors, analyzes and prepares the weather forecast in Bulgaria (NIMHI) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAN). After the meeting, the students tested their knowledge of weather and climate by answering questions from an electronic spinner.

Week 2 Consequences of climate change

The students from the school have been working together with the environmental non-governmental organization Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation for 5 years. As our trusted climate experts, we invited them to an online meeting where we learned about the effects of climate change on plants and lives.

Week 3 Meeting with other schools

A meeting is forthcoming

Meeting 4 Climate protection solutions

The students made a list of climate protection solutions.

Planting trees

Traveling short distances by bike

Use of reusable bags

Unplug chargers when devices are not running

Reduce the temperature in the room, which is heated by one degree

Sharing things with neighbors

Exchange of clothes and toys for children


Buying fruits and vegetables from local producers

Consumption of less meat

Week 5 Lego solutions

The students built with Lego constructors their creative solutions in climate protection - solar buildings, helicopters, bicycles, charging stations for cars with clean green energy, animals that inhabit ecological farms, drones to deliver shipments in the city.

Week 6 Taking action

The students designed a solar distiller and experimentally proved its effectiveness. They conducted experiments to illustrate the partner effect and the relationship of the phenomenon with rising temperatures.


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