Pamela Fowler

New Brunswick

Pamela's a wife, daughter, mother of 2,  sister to 6,  and teacher to 115!  Her heart belongs to Canada's east coast yet she's had the privelege of studying/teaching in Upper Canada, Eastern USA, Costa Rica, China, UK and Tanzania.  She teaches grade 12 Environmental Science and looks forward to learning alongside her students as they embark on the Climate Action Project.   Fun Fact: Canada's 150th birthday is this year and all National Parks and Historical Sites have been free since January.  Pamela's thrilled to say that she and  her family never had to leave the Maritimes this summer in order to visit 12 "C150" sites and that they plan to complete their family EcoAdventure with visits 13 and 14 this fall! 

School: Riverview High School

Projects 2017

Microplastics, Glyphosate, and an Urban Forest

RHS helps PWA combat plastics! Plastics that are derived from fossil fuel!

The goal: raise awareness on the impacts of plastics. 

Meet Environmental Science class and learn what they're doing so far this fall.

Is Climate Impacting NB's Tick Population?

Riverview High is out this week gathering data for MtA's Biology Department . We're dragging for black-legged ticks as numbers seem to be on the rise in our region. 

Black-legged ticks can carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease and with the help of leading researchers from MtA we hope to learn where they are and how to deal with them before they cause harm.