Fahriye Aşık

Co-teacher: Zeliha ORTAKAYA
I am a Biology and Natural Science teacher. I have a BSc degree in Biology (Biochemistry and Physiology) and I am a Master of Science in the field of Physiology. I enjoy exploring and researching and have been an active participant in numerous national projects. I have a project team consisting of my own students. We take part in many projects and workshops together. The energy and determination of the young people make me very happy. I think we can make good contributions to this project.


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School: HÜRRİYET MTAL 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 13 -15 Year

Projects 2021


We worked the climate change video with our students. We talk about weather, weather events and causes of the climate change. We made posters.We prepared a board to attract attention.

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Approximately a third of the world population has to walk many kilometres to find drinking water.İn these places it is generally the women who have to carry the water to their villages. They sometimes have to do this daily.To try and gain an idea of what these people do we walked a lap around our school grounds whilst holding two five litre bottles of water.''Take care of our water on Earth to not worry about the water on Mars.

Global Project

In our third week we discussed the impact of climate change on biodiversity.We also talked about the species that have gone extinct due to climate change and made a model of the plants that are going extinct due to climate change and made a model of the plants that are going extinct. To show how important recycling is we played a game to score plastic bottles through a hoop into the recycling bin. 

This week, we discussed the causes and effects of climate change by making a live connection with Ukraine.