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Damietta City


1-Masters in Methodology  (curriculum and Instruction )preparing Masters in Technology in Education. 2- I worked before in Kuwait State for 8 years and was rewarded for many celebrations there. 3- Awarded this year from Ministry of Education  and ( Microsoft Partners In Learning ) for being Innovative Educator all over Egypt 2016-2017. 4- Class Hack Contest Winner for my Sway ( Desertification ) 2017.

I have been selected as #TeachSDGs Ambassador for joining the movement of sharing and teaching SDGs through my project ( Desertification & UN SDGs ) . You can follow through this link on twitter:

http://bit.ly/2grOzUg  Or through this blog on TeachSDGs : http://bit.ly/2gjaZTL


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School: El-Kafrawy Official Language School

Our Projects

What is meant by Global Warming?

What is Global Warming? a project prepared by 7th Grade student .

What is Climate Change?

What is Climate Change according to Noor Baha Eldin 4th Grade on Sway

What is Climate

( Causes&Effects of Climate Change on Egypt)

El-Kafrawy Official Language School students in Damietta City are describing causes and effects of Climate Change on Egypt.

Causes and Effects on Delta ( Damietta City)

PowerPoint made by 7th Grade Student about causes and effects of Climate Change on Delta ( Damietta City)

Damietta City is famouse for Agriculture, Fishing and Furniture Making. It connects between River Nile and Mediternean Sea.

Causes and Effects of Climate Change in Minecraft

Global warming 

Minecraft designed by 3rd Grade student showing Causes, effects of Climate Change types as Global Warming and Rising Seas . 

He creats different solutions for them. 

Production of an Insecticide from Natural Plant

A creative solution for saving climate from pollution caused from chemical pesticides by using Jatropha Plant.

This research is prepared by 9th Grade student and she is applying some experiments on it . 

Interview with Professor of Plant Microbiology Department

Interviewing Professors of Faculty of Science in Plant Microbiology Department to learn more about the benefits of Jatropha plants and how to get natural fuel from it through which we can save our climate form pollution .

Showing Students Jatropha Seedlings in Damietta University

Tour with the Professor to see different plants  as Jatropha and Solar Energy Machine Which are Solutions for saving environment from Pollution

Students In Action with Professors of Damietta University

Students begin with Head of Plant Microbilogy Professor Mamdouh Serag to cultivate small area of soil that suffers from Desertification as a first step  to prepare it to plant Jatropha  and other plants and see its benefits. This is his website: http://staff.du.edu.eg/638


Natural Fuel From Natural Plant

A research about production of natural oil as a natural fuel from Jatropha plant and its benefits to save the earth from pollution and fertilizing land that is affected from Desertification

How To Get Rid Of Factory Wastes

Professor Serag talking about cultivation and steps of planting Jatropha


Planting plants and Using Solar Energy as Solutions for Climate Change

Meeting Professors of Plant Microbiology Department in Faculty of Science in Damietta University to know different solutions for Desertification and Climate Change.


Skype Calls

Climate Action : Together We Are Stronger

Conference Meeting with different countries

Sparrow & Disappearance

Types of Sparrows

Sparrow challenge


Earth is Crying
El Kafrawy Official Language School Team
Factories Smoke Cause Global Warming WEEK 2
Effects of Global Warming on Damietta City ( Egypt)
Environment Pollution Caused from Factory Smoke Affects Rising Seas and Melting Arctic land in Minecraft
Planting plants and Using Solar Energy as Solutions for Climate Change
Skype Call with India ( Bengladish, Indonesia, Serbia, Austria & Sri Lanka)
El Kafrawy Official Language School Students with Certificates
El Kafrawy Official Language School Students with Certificates