Co-teacher: Cihat ÇELİKSERT
  Hello I have been working as an English teacher in Turkey for about 11 years. Learning languages ​​and traveling the world is my passion. I love my job very much and working with children makes me happy.                                                        

School: Pınarbaşı Ortaokulu 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-11 Year

Projects 2021

Climate Change Project my padlet link for WEEK 1


I created a padlet link for week one. I added all of my classroom activites.  I asked my students to search the causes of climate change and I brought the classroom a box to put the reasons posters and activity in it. 


This week, we invited the district president of TEMA, one of the biggest organizations related to climate and environment in Turkey, to the school. He brought us presentations on climate change and all of our classes were enrolled in this organization in order to be more sensitive to the environment as a school. We are now both environmentally friendly and one of the zero waste classes. We will take part in all tree planting activities of the organization. Thanks to this project, we said that we, as the whole school, are here for the environment and our world. My Padlet link and the work I have done in the video are available. As a school, we raised awareness by shouting slogans at school with our banners.


In the classroom, my digital tools are very limited since my school is a newly opened school. For this reason, we have established a planet TV to enable children to learn and research what we can do globally with drama and similar activities. Children shared on this TV screen. They talked about what could be the news in 2050.