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I am a Principal of Genius International School. 

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Our Projects

Genius School #Climate_Change with keenness

As per the Climate Action Plan in week 1 i.e. from October 2, 2017 to October 7, 2017. Students were introduced about the project. An introductory presentation was demonstrated to students on sway about climate change. Some activities were also performed by students on the concerned topic. A poster on chart paper was also made by the students on Global warming. #Koen Timmers #ClimateAction #ClimateActionP.

Week 2 : Causes and Effects of Climate Change

Action on climate change

During the 3rd week of Climate Action Plan, it was the week of action. Students of Genius International School students participated with great enthusiasm. "Tree plantation drive" was organized during this week. Students planted trees and took pledge to take care of all trees by themselves. Plastic bags and other material plays a huge role in damaging our climate, they prove to create a considerable damage in food chain and also leading to various pollutions. Students participated in "Say No To Plastic" drive, in which they prepared posters awaring not to use plastics and made the paper bags to use instead of plastic bags. Students also participated in a drawing competition in which they were asked to draw their views on climate change and what kind of enviroment do they dream to live in future. Students painted their imaginations on paper and presented them.

Skype session on Climate Change

A skype session was conducted with the students of a school from Lahore, Pakistan under the guidance of their teacher Ms. Abeerah Jawed. the session was conducted on 26th day of October of 2017.

The students explored the answers of some of the questions frequently arising in context of Climate Change.The students shared their ideas on some of the solution to be taken by the individuals themselves which can prove to be a great step in preventing the climate change. It was an interactive session between the students of two differents institutions. A presentation made on Sway was also shared by our students on the solutions to prevent the Climate Change.


Genius School #ClimateChange with keenness-Week1
Week 2: Causes and Effects of Climate Change
week 3: Action on climate change