Vasiliki Dogani


I am a teacher of greek literature. I try to find new methodes to encourage my student to read. I teach sustanable goals. My students are 12-15 years old.

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School: 1rst junior high school of Markopoulos, Athens

Our Projects

Our planet must be saved

Our Project overview

If we want to do something we must save planet. Our planet is full of beauty and it is very sad when no one cares! We should stop using plastics.

Kids work collaboratevely, they play games.



your climate!!

climate action

We are responsible for climate. Climate action is important, because of global warming!

How polution affect Greece

Polution affect Greece, garbage, fabric polution, plastics.  For all this we are responsible!

What cause polution

What cause polution

causes of climate change

What causse climate change? 

We are responsible!

Climate change

We are rensponsible for our planet. We should take action. It's our planet!!!

we can change our planet

this is how we can change our planet

Climate propositions

It's your planet. Don't polute it.  Save it!

Climate change

impressions from the project

all we can do something

all together we can do something for our environment and our future


Climate action
work about climate
change climate
Climate change
earth how it is now