Olivier Dijkmans


Teacher in Primary 5 in a multicultural school in Antwerp. Very interested in using IT for teaching and supporting children. Trying to be creative in the class every day and convinced that gamification is a strong tool to help the students conquer their knowledge of the world we are all living in!

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Lizzi de Wilde

School: Stedelijke Basisschool Omnimundo

Our Projects

The climate from our kids and from... Belgium!

In this first week, we investigated the climate in different countries, but we also learned about the Belgian Ccimate! Take a look! 

Climate action, week 2

In this movie we look back 25 years ago.  A chilling speech of a young girl...  We conclude that nothing really changed.  We think about things that cause climate change and already suggest some options.


Collaboration Week 1 impressions
Working on week 2 and 3