Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon


Masters in Physics, B.Ed.-Gold Medallist Head Teacher of a school with 1500+ students and 80+ educators MIEExpert 2016-2017 & 2017-2018 and MIEExpert Trainer. British Council Globally Validated Core Skills Master Trainer, British Council Globally Accredited Teacher and School Ambassador.

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School: Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara, Punjab, India

Our Projects

Students of Kamla Nehru Public School are collaborating , brainstorming while doing the climate action project.

Students of grade VII(C) are worried about Climate Change. They are discussing the causes, responsibilities for climate change and then insisting all of us to join hands together for climate change as it is the biggest threat for all of us.

Causes and Effects of Climate Change and its Impacts

Students are discussing about causes and effects of climate change and its impact on india.They have made the PPT on that and also they have interviewed their parents about climate change

Solution for Climate Change

37 Students of grade VII Collaborated to solve the problem of climate change and give solutions on personal, local and global level. Students prepared Collage,Sway, onenote and Minecraft during week 3.

Students of Kamla Nehru Public School, India are sharing their insights and findings of Climate Action Project with the students of other schools of different countries.

Students of other section of Grade-VII joined hand in hand with 37 participating students. During 4th week, students shared their findings and the activities done by them with other students of different countries. They also visited SDM, Phagwara to file a petition for banning palstic bottles and bags in their city for the betterment of environment.

Students of different classes of Kamla Nehru Public School, India joined hands in order to work for Week-5 Topic- Why sparrows are disappearing ?

Students in this week researched the reasons for the decreasing number of sparrows. Students prepared PPTs. Also Grade-VI Students prepared birds nests in order to attract sparrows to their homes.


Students of Kamla Nehru Public School are collaborating , barnstorming while doing the climate action project.