Deniz Soydan

Co-teacher: English Teacher
I am Deniz SOYDAN  , an English teacher in Antalya. I love my job.


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School: Turgut Reis Secondary School-Antalya/Türkiye 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 12-15 Year

Projects 2022

We love our Unıverse

We do not want to pollute our universe.We try to do a model with cards.We cut the colourful cards and combine them and make a model world.My students know the importance of our universe.


We should be aware of the Danger

We should be aware of the global warming and its bad effects on our unıverse.Together we can make a difference.Starting from today we take action.

Ecological Balance is important .

We shoul be careful about saving it.Because there is a chain in this balance.If the heat increases ,the ices are starting to melt so the level of water will be higher than this and it will be bad for all of us. 

Use eco friendly materials in everywhere

We must not waste our naturel sources we always collect recyclable materials and transform these into reusable ones.