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School: La Purísima Valencia EFI The average age of the students: 17-18 year old Year


Climate change is a global challenge that has no borders and to combat it requires coordinated work by all countries.
Goal 13: Climate Action
Week 2: Effects of Climate Change > Locally in Spain: discovering dreadful news...
WEEK 2: Focusing & Brainstorming about the EFFECTS of Climate Warming
Proud of my Students'works: collaborative tasks
WEEKS 3 & 4: Let's find Solutions to Climate Change and TAKE ACTIONS! Here the result of my Students' substantial work to come up with Solutions:
Solutions & Sharing how to take actions!
WEEK 4: the last but not the least
Claiming for Eco Cities through education. Sharing solutions to live in a healthier city with the littlest: learning to localise in a sostenible city by CODING the BeeBot.