Darya Hrytsyk


School: Kremenchuk gymnasium №28 26 students are involved The average age of the students: 7-8 Year

Projects 2020

Week 1: Climate and weather

We started from understanding the difference between weather and climate. Students learned the definitions from vocabularies, found commons and differences. Also each of them made a lapbook "Weather and climate" for better understanding meanings of the words.  They read the texts about climate change and understanded how serious this problem is for themselves. Checked their knowledges with LEGO and made models of weather thermometers.

Now every student knows the difference between weather and climate, they understand, how serious it is.

Week 2: Local causes of climate change. Pollution

During the week, students found out the reasons for climate change in our city. Particulary talked about the absence of a waste processing plant and environmental pollution. Learned about garbage sorting. Before the onset of winter, the problem of contamination with plastic bird feeders is relevant. So we made ecological feeders and installed them in the school yard.

Week 3: Causes and effects globally

The children discussed global climate change, its causes and consequences. In particular, they talked about the life of polar bears in the context of global warming. Students identified the reasons for the possible disappearance of the polar bear population. But the best activity was an interview with a real polar bear.

Week 4: Potential solutions for climate change by saving resources

This week studens learned about electricity. They got known about types of light bulbs and choose economical ones. Then students throw out incandescent bulbs and created the "right" lights. We gathered opinions about potential solutions for climate change by saving resources. And we are ready to change our homes and habits to save our planet.

Action time. Planting trees

It is time to action. Our class started from studying the importance of trees for the world and people. Then we were voting on the need to plant trees on the school grounds. The decision was made. So students' parents bought some seedlings. And in a few days we did it! We invite you to join us. Our planet deserves it.


Images by Darya Hrytsyk 2020-10-27Hrytsyk
Images by Darya Hrytsyk 2020-10-27Hrytsyk
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Images by Darya Hrytsyk 2020-11-04Hrytsyk