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School: Predskolska ustanova "Radosno detinjstvo", Novi Sad 24 students are involved The average age of the students: 6 Year

Projects 2020

PU ''Radosno detinjstvo'', vrtić ''Čika Jova'', Novi Sad- Causes of Climate Change

We were exploring with children The World Map, introducing to the term weather and climate. We were speaking about causes climate change, catting the tree, emision from vehicles, plastic waste, trash on the beach, wasting water and electricity. We need to protect our planet. The Earth need human change. We need to change! 

Predskolska ustanova ''Radosno detinjstvo'', Novi Sad

PU ''Radosno detinjstvo'', vrtić ''Čika Jova'', Novi Sad- Solutions


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