Chefia Cheikhrouhou


I am Chefia Cheikhrouhou from Tunisia I am a computer science teacher in KhairEddine Ghraiba Preparatory School from Tunisia, I am interested in innovative pedagogy to offer the whole class a quality space to help learners develop their skills and open them up to the world.

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School: KhaiEddine Ghraiba Preparatory School

Our Projects

Causes of Climate Change

My students brainstorm with Mentimeter tool on Causes of Climate Change.
They create a collaborative mindmap and put their thoughts under it.
Then They decide to produce outputs about Climate Change Causes.
They are divided in groups. Each group choose an appropriate tool to create his own productions ( Video, poster, presentation)

Focusing on Climate Change Effects

 Dividing the class in teams and ech team will create his own production 
Brainstorming with Mentimeter tool on Effects of Climate Change.
Discussing of students
 Each Team will choose the appropriate tool to achive his production

Focusing on Climate Change Effects

Week3: Solutions for climate change