Chandrani Chatterjee

Co-teacher: Bijita Ganguly Roy


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School: Calcutta International School 41 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-16 Year

Projects 2021

Presentation on causes

The students were divided into 5 teams and each week the teams did brainstorming on the topic and came up with a presentation. The elder students were made the team leaders and the younger ones discussed with their team leaders about the topic. So along with climate action plan they are also developing skills like collaboration, leadership qualities, teamwork and above all taking onus  of their work and action.

Effects of climate change Global and Local

Students have discussed about the effects of climate change both local and global and made a pdf preentation

virtual exchange meeting with Caleb British School Nigeria

A quiz was arranged in the beginning as an ice breaker round. Students from both schools asked questions related to their country and then discussed aboutcauses of  climate change and it's effect on global and local scale. They also shared their solutions for climate change. The school from Nigeria came up with hydroponics as a soution against deforestation. On the other hand our school came up with how change in lifestyle can effect climate change. It was an enriching session.