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An Educator who believes in reinventing classrooms to make the world a better place. A happy and a contented learner makes a good citizen for the world. My Passion remains in making my students sustainable learners. I am an Educator in Science having an experience in teaching the teenage bubbling group for 34 years.I belive in "Be the change if you want to see the change in world ".

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Projects 2017

K.V.Bhandup " A Zero waste zone"

This project is working for past 4 years it all began from ....Story in the sway presentation

What is Climate and Weather

A project made by the class VII together on Sway.
Some researched
Some Read the topic from the textbook
Some worked on the sway
Some organized matter to mind map
The outcome was this simple project


Week 2: Coal and Petroleum

Week 2: Irrigation

Week 3: Air

Week 3: Biomass energy

Week 4

Week 4