Katja Borregaard


I'm a geek teacher passionate about inquiry-, project- and problem-based learning, EdTech and Games in Education. I teach 4th-6th grade Maths and History. I love creating meaningful and authentic learning experiences for my students.

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Mikkel Tom Madsen

School: Skt. Josefs Skole, Roskilde

Our Projects

What is climate change!

5.b researched what climate change is for the week 1 project. They collaborated in teams and had great class discussions. All of this work prepared them for their ongoing work on trying to find solutions for climate change.

Climate Change in Denmark

5.c looked at causes and effects of climate change in Denmark.

Solutions for Climate Change

Before 5.b and 5.c went on autumn break in week 42 they worked hard to finish their describtions and prototypes for their solutions for climate change. As you can see in our Sway most of the students decided to show their ideas in Minecraft.


5.b and 5.c working on week 1 project