Bornali Chakraborty

Co-teacher: Maxilin Robinson
I am a science teacher and teaching science and Environmental Education in my school to the students of middle and secondary school.  It is my passion to create awareness among students regarding environment and it's protection, also help them to imbibe sustainable  practices in their life. 


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School: Sanjivani International School 40 students are involved The average age of the students: 8 to 14 years Year

Projects 2020

We are the climate action crusader of SIS

Students of grade 10 are taking an initiative to create awareness among the younger students in the school and motivate them to follow simple and easy steps to protect our earth. They will also talk about climate change , what is it and It's causes. 

This week the students virtually went to the grade 3 to 5 and conducted sessions with the young ones. 


Images by Bornali Chakraborty 2020-10-02Chakraborty