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Bhavna Khatri

Hi! I am Bhavna Khatri. I am passionate towards teaching and learning. I love working with children and it gives me a great sense of achievement in seeing my students develop and grow as individuals.


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School: DPS International 14 students are involved

Projects 2020

Climate action project - Week 1

We as a team collaborated and discussed causes of climate change. Student responses was collated through mindmeister. Students then displayed their understading by creating presentations through video, powerpoint presentation and adobe spark poster. 

Climate action project - Week 2

This week we collaborated using a padlet to give inputs about effects of climate change. Students helped create a timeline of events that has effected our climate from centuries. They are understanding what is effecting their local environment and small steps they can take to bring a change.  

Climate action project - Week 3

Students research about global effects, compare local and global effects and understanding which actions can reduce climate change over a period of time. They collborated and shared their thoughts through various digital tools. 

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Climate action project - Week 4

Students focused on action for climate change at individual, community and government levels. They gained knowledge about certain things they can do and strted working towards achieving them.

Climate action project - Week 5

Students brainstormed, discussed and initiated action towards climate change. They shared their actions with their peers, teachers and parents.

Climate action project - Week 6

We initiated action by taking small steps and creating awareness about climate action.


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