Barbara Kostkiewicz

I'm an English teacher at the secondary school in Radom, Poland. I'm interested in boosting creativity of my students. 


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School: ZSE Secondary School of Elektronics 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 15 Year

Projects 2020

Week 1 3858

To my view, climate change is easy to see. Winters aren't white anymore. We cannot even dream of "white Christmas" as Bring Crosby sang... We know snow only from our parents' stories.

Planting trees with 1P2

Yesterday at 12.45 students were planting a weeping willow on the school court. They also invented a slogan : "JD JUST DO IT: SAVE THE PLANET "

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Meeting students form India

We were brainstorming similarities of climate change in Poland and India. We all hope the situation will improve.

A website made by young programmers

I only asked them to prepare a poster....and they (students aged 15) offered to create a webpage and contain there some of the things they have done so far in the project. Awesome students!!!!


On November 5th, together with my students we took part in a webinar on climate change. My students were interested in the subject, they felt it was really educating. Moreover, they were delighted to be a part of such a huge project, and happy to understand so many outstanding English speakers. 

Video conference

On 13th November we had a video conference with people from Mexico and Sweden. The chairperson was Malgorzata Musinska Kubis , a former diplomat,member of the Swedish- Polish Chamber of Commerce, a business trainer , fascinated by all sustainable and climate friendly initiatives. After the conference we can frankly say that Sweden should called an illustrative example and a role model for other countries as it comes to sustainability and environment protection awareness.


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