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School: Kampüs Kolej 25 students are involved

Projects 2020

Environmental Awareness Team

We talked with our students about what the environment is, the causes of environmental pollution and climate change. We made pictures. We tried to raise awareness.


Children who are sensitive to the environment and nature


Within the Climate Action Project We aim to raise children who are sensitive to the environment and nature. First, we determined the students' prior knowledge. What are the environmental problems. What is climate change? We created awareness through these.

Climate Action Project at Kampüs Koleji/ TURKEY

water pollution

We observed that some pollution was not water, even if we tried to pollute the water polluting substances and especially clean them. We imagined a polluted sea. we cleared the sea. but we couldn't clean the oil somehow. That's why we talked about the need to be careful about not mixing oil wastes with water.

Our environment finds life if we are sensitive

Our students said the situations that cause environmental pollution and what should be done.


Images by Ayse Aydogan Gezer 2020-10-16Aydogan Gezer
Images by Ayse Aydogan Gezer 2020-10-11Aydogan Gezer
Images by Ayse Aydogan Gezer 2020-10-22Aydogan Gezer
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