Areej Abdullah Alghamdi

Saudi Arabia

I am an Computer science teacher from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , I teachĀ  in Jeddah city in In the west of Saudi Arabia , I am interested in teaching SDGs to engage my students in real life actions, and to gain them problem solving skills, I have an experience in teaching for 13 years .. I am Microsoft innovated educator and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)...l love my job a lot

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School: high school 13

Projects 2018

world plans

The students made a Twitter account to educate the community about environmental conservation and the impact on climate change

My students talked about the impact of climate change on Saudi Arabia

The students worked in groups to research the impact of climate change on the region and then carried out a presentation to the rest of the teacher to talk about the subject

discussed the causes of climate change

The students presented and discussed the causes of climate change, and then what are the ways in which this problem can be solved and how to strengthenĀ