I am a committed educator teaching young minds from past 15 years. I love to learn and simultaneously share it with my students.I believe teaching from books and curriculum is not enough to develop nation builders, rather teaching and involving them about prevalent social and global issues brings out the best in them to develop their all round personality. This will enable them serve their country and make it shine and rise in the world. A teacher can bright up a spark and guide their students to follow the right path in life.

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Our Projects


The aim of this drive is to spread awareness amongst young growing minds about how change in climate can affect the environment of earth globally. The students have themselves witnessed many natural disasters in  India itself.  The project aim is to sensitize students regarding how they all can join hands and work not only to find solutions but to start implementing in their own way. The implementation and thought to bring a change began in school itself with plantation drive. The students of the core team further trained and taught their junior classes in free periods which were utilised effectively learning about Climate Change. After discussions students prepared Charts to be displayed in school lobby for public view by all teachers and students. They exhibited their work and explained their posters. 

Solution to Climate Change- Rain Water harvesting

Students of grade VIII created working models of Rainwater harvesting as a solution to Climate Change all over the globe. They explained water conservation by rain water harvesting is one of a useful solution for Change in climate across the globe.  Students believe to bring a change globally first they should implement their bit and contribute to bringing changes locally thereby effecting globally later as a whole.