Anna Kociemba

We are Wolfdale school- a small special school for students on autistic spectrum. We are in East Middlands, Anstey, UK. In the past, we took part in a few eTwinning projects.

School: Wolfdale School Ltd 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 7-15 Year

Projects 2020

Climate Change for Anstey Students

We have created a mind map, a climate change definition and ran an experiment about greengas effect on our living.

Climate change cause in UK

We have worked to create a list of causes for UK climate change. That resulted in PowerPoint being created by a group of five boys 12-14 years old.

Younger boys PowerPoint

We looked at the causes again and the younger boys created a PowerPoint. We laso went for a walk and took some pictures of Anstey pollution and contamination.



Images by Anna Kociemba 2020-10-05Kociemba
Images by Anna Kociemba 2020-10-22Kociemba