Professor of Biology and Chemistry in Primary Education

Ankica Ardzelieva

We have worked with my students on several environmental projects, such as planting trees, collecting rainwater to save drinking water, art from recyclable materials, and many other small projects. I try to develop in children the awareness that our planet is in danger if all of us as individuals do not take action on its protection.At school, I am in an eco team that takes care of every eco action.


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School: OOU"Braka Miladinovci"Skopje 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 13-14 Year

Projects 2020

Activities from three weeks

Because in our contry students follow classes remotely, we somehow managed to comlete the activities online collectively from the three weeks. Through comic book presentations, the students made several works in which they stated the reasons for climate change. We also got involved in the tree planting action and then posted photos of the tree planting act, and put our school on a map.  if my students went to school, i think they would do all these activites much better.

Presentation, discussion and production of posters for energy savings,Planting trees for a clean environment

With my students, talked about saving energy and why it is important for all of us. They already have prior knowledge of energy sources and what they can be. But what we put the main emphasis on is energy saving. We are discussing why it is important to plant at least one tree. So far we have planted one, but our plan is to plant more trees.