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Valerie Anglemyer (a Language Arts teacher) and Steve Bowser (a Social Studies teacher teach 7th grade Humanities, a combination of Language Arts and Social Studies at Northwood Middle School in Wakarusa, Indiana. Valerie loves global learning and is an MIEExpert, Surface Expert, Skype Master Teacher, and a recipient of Indiana's Excellence in Education Award. Steve, a basketball coach and accomplished martial artist, is passionate about food, culture and developing into a better, more informed global citizen. Valerie and Steve use their mutual passion for developing global citizenship to develop understanding, empathy, and action in their students. They have participated in many global projects, collaborations, and service learning projects, and continue to feature the United Nations' global goals as a key component of their classroom in an effort to inspire further understanding and action in their students as they work to become better global citizens.

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Steve Bowser

School: NorthWood Middle School

Our Projects

Climate Action: Week 1 News Show

Our 7th graders focused on research strategies while we investigated this week's question.  With a focus on search terms, credible sources, and paraphrasing information, students dove into their research with the goal of producing a news broadcast on the topic through a creative, scientific, or informational lens.  We involved our entire class through the production of two videos.  Our other video can be found on our class website:

Climate Action: Week 2 News Show

This week, our students continued expanding their knowledge of climate change by investigating the causes and effects in our country.  After reflecting on our work last week, students reassembled into their two teams and reassigned team jobs.   We began with independent research on Monday with a focus on credibility and citations.   Students were interested to learn that there are many theories that attempt to explain climate change.  Through their research, students again discovered information that enabled them to create responses through information, art, and science.  Two completely student-driven created videos were produced as a result of their research this week.  All of our finished projects can be found on our class website:

Climate Action: Week 3 News Show

This week, our students explored steps they can take to solve the problem of climate change.  Students engaged in action research as they investigated a real problem in our district.  Students used Kill-A-Watt readers to register the amount of energy a computer, whiteboard projector, monitor, and charging cart uses.  Students then put together a report that they will share with leaders in our district in an effort to reduce the amount of energy we use.  Our class had the amazing opportunity to Skype with Ken Surritte, the founder of Water is Life.  Ken shared with us the many impacts climate change has on water in the world.  He also explored the idea of water quality and gave our students some practical ways that they can reduce climate change.  This was an engaging and exciting week full of research, connections, and video making!  Please check out our other group's video along with all of our content for this project by visiting our website: NWMS Climate Action Project